A Tribe is an endogenous group with ethnic identity, who has a district language or dialect of their own, they are economically backward and live speculation, governed by their own social norms and largely having self contained economy.  Tribal development project, aimed at reducing migration and ensuring comprehensive development of the tribals. Tribal families are struggling very hard to come out of poverty and malnutrition in Tumkur & Sira Taluk of Tumkur Dist, Karnataka. Scheduled Tribes are the most marginalized section of the society, therefore to assist their socio-economic development; there is an imperative need to provide more employment avenues and income generation opportunities. The present project has Nayaka and Dasa Nayaka who come under the category of Adivasis. This project aims to improve the quality of life by using WADI development approach, because this approach has been successfully used for bringing sustainable development in some tribal and rural areas. The proposed project area consists of cluster of 12 villages in two taluks of Tumkur District


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